Welcome to Mountain High Beekeepers Cooperative (MHBC).  We provide practical and educational support for our members and for Colorado beekeepers, while cultivating a larger vision for cooperative beekeeping and ensuring the continuing viability of honey bees.

2021 Package Bees coming!

Hep Farm Honey is supplying bee packages again this year for Package bees ready for installationMHBC members and other local beekeepers.  Good news is the price this year is the same as last year.  Details and the order form can found on the 2021 Package Bees page.

2021 Winter Meeting

The 2021 MHBC Winter Meeting will held on March 3, 2020.  We’ve got some interesting local speakers and the theme will be “What’s in my honey?”  Agenda coming soon.

The meeting will be held using zoom and is open to the public.  Please email us at [email protected] to register and request an invite.

2020 Package Bees

MHBC is working with Hep Farm Honey to bring the highest quality package bees to the front range this year.  This year we have the usual Carniolans and Italians plus a limited amount of VSH Italian queens.  More details and order form can be found on the 2020 Package Bees page.

2020 Winter Meeting

The MHBC Winter Meeting will be held on Saturday, February 29th at the same location as last year.  Click here for more details.

2019 Extraction Event

We rented a kitchen for the first time for the MHBC Extraction Event this year.  It worked out great!  We even left the kitchen cleaner than how we found it.  We did, however, attract several local bees which may have caused some concern for a few people!  Click here for some pictures.

2020 Winter Meeting

The MHBC winter meeting will be held either Feb 29th or March 1st.  Location is the same at the CSU Extension Office at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont.  Members please take the survey to let us know which day works best.

2019 Package Bees

Making Package BeesMHBC provided some of the best quality package bees on the front range again this year.  We offered 4 types of queens which from two different queen breeders.  Click here for more info.

2019 Winter Meeting

The MHBC Winter Meeting was held in Longmont Loading BeehivesExtension Office on February 24, 2019.  Lyle Johnston, the president of the Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association was the featured speaker.  Lyle is currently in California moving 75,000 beehives into almond orchards.  His presentation “Best Practices” is based on his own experience plus conversations with commercial beekeepers around the country.  Click here for more info.

2018 Package Bees

MHBC delivered bee packages with Saskatraz queens to the front range from Olivarez Honey Bees on April 28, 2018.  Package orders are closed for 2018.  Click here for more info.

2018 Annual Winter Meeting

The MHBC winter meeting was Sunday, February 18 at the Extension Office in Longmont, CO. Our featued speaker, Bob Todd, gave a great presentation which really focused on the local aspects of tending bees in Boulder county.  As they say… “All beekeeping is local!”.  Click here for more info.

2017 Package Bees

MHBC supplied 3lb honey bee packages with Italian queens from Oliveraz Honey Bees (OHB). OHB has worked on creating Italian queens with MN hygienic and VSH traits. The packages were delivered from Oliveraz to Knight Family Honey in Lehi, UT in a climate controlled trailer.  MHBC picked up packages from Lehi for delivery to Longmont, CO.

Package orders are closed for 2017.

2017 Annual Winter Meeting

The MHBC 2017 Winter Meeting took place on March 5, 2017.  New officers were elected including Will Witman (co-director) and Matt Hoepfinger (co-director).  Long time director Al Summers stepped down and is assuming an advisory role.  Bylaws have been updated.

Click here for Mountain High Beekeepers Co-op 2017 Winter Meeting details.