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Colorado State Department of Agriculture
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Colorado Associations and Organizations

Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association (CPBA)

The Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association is a great resource for local Colorado beekeepers.  The group is made up of those having a livelihood related interest in beekeeping including most of the commercial beekeepers in Colorado.  The CPBA has a Wanted/For Salepage that will give recreational beekeepers a direct connection to those who can provide packages, nucs or used equipment from local sources.

Western Colorado Beekeepers Association (WCBA)

The Western Colorado Beekeepers Association is intended for beekeepers raising Honeybees in the numerous micro-climates of Western Colorado. The Club is made up of local Beekeepers who want to share and expand their beekeeping knowledge.

Colorado State Beekeepers Association (CSBA)

The Colorado State Beekeepers Association (not to be confused with the California State Beekeepers Association..which has the same acronym) is as an educational and referral service for primarily the recreational and side-line beekeepers in Colorado.  CSBA was founded in 1880 and chartered in 1889.

The Boulder County Beekeepers Association was formed originally in the 1970’s as a way for area beekeepers to network and protect themselves from pesticide spraying.  In more recent years its character has changed to reflect the many and often varied approaches and philosophies about beekeeping.  Its membership is primarily that of hobby and backyard beekeepers. Some members have never actually kept bees. Some of MHBC members are also BCBA members as a way to network and communicate within the larger beekeeping community in Boulder County.

The Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association is the state’s second oldest beekeeping association established in 1890. It has long been associated with academic work being done at CSU Fort Collins, although the actual degree of academic influence has depended upon the amount of involvement by the CSU department of Entomology.  Currently, the emphasis of NCBA seems to be directed more toward recreational and non-academic beekeeping concerns.

Pikes Peak Beekeepers Association

The Pikes Peak Beekeepers Association located in the Colorado Springs area, has been in existence for about 30 years, and has a very active and engaged membership.  Together with the NCBA, the PPBA are perhaps the most active local organizations, and with the most members in the state. The PPBA generally strives to present regular and mainstream thinking regarding beekeeping practices.

High Land Beekeeping Club

The High Land Beekeeping Club has been one of the newer beekeeping organizations in Colorado, established several years ago and located in the Southwest Denver area. Its membership is made-up primarily of newer recreational beekeepers associated with the aerospace and military sectors within the greater Denver area. Its membership seems to be increasing along lines of alternative and non-military related interests in recent years. Highland Beekeeping has served as a spin-off organization for many of the new and alternatively-directed beekeeping clubs that have sprung-up in recent years.

Denver Beekeepers Association

Denver Beekeepers Association (DenverBee) is one of the newer organizations in Colorado which developed out of beekeepers passing ordinances to allow keeping bees in the Denver metropolitan area. It is one of the more active groups scheduling beekeeping speakers to speak to Colorado beekeepers.

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