Mountain High Beekeepers Cooperative (MHBC) package order has been delayed! Delivery is now planned for 5:00pm on May 11th, 2019 at which time you must pick up your package(s). Exact location TBD (Longmont area). Times and locations may change.

Bee Packages

This year we are offering packages with Italian, Carniolan or Saskatraz queens from Olivarez Honey Bees (OHB). There are also a limited number of packages with Russian queens from Coy Honey Farm.

Package prices range from $139 to $149. We can also get extra queens. We are now sold out of package bees. You can be added to the waiting list by emailing MHBC.

OHB will deliver packages in a climate controlled trailer to Knight Familiy Honey in Orem, UT where MHBC will pick them up.  MHBC then will drive the packages in a climate controlled environment to Colorado.  We have never lost a package in transit and last year there were very few dead bees in the bottom of the packages.